Without clear purpose, church doesn't make much sense. Without clear purpose, a church isn't much more than property and programs. At Pacific Baptist Church we focus on three areas:

God's Word

In a world that is constantly changing in everything except in its rejection of God, the main emphasis of Pacific Baptist is the teaching and preaching of the timeless, absolute truth of the Bible. God's Word is a part of all areas of ministry and is the source of and standard for all that we do. We not only teach and preach the Bible, but we encourage people to read and study the Bible for themselves.

God's People

Relationships between believers are important to God, and they are important to us.  The relationships that will impact us the most are those with our brothers and sisters in Christ. At Pacific Baptist, we encourage fellowship both in and out of church activities. We should not only spend time together during church services, Sunday school, and special activities, we should strive to love each other, pray for each other, and live for each other in our everyday lives.

God's Command

Jesus Christ has commanded His church to reach the lost with the Gospel. At Pacific Baptist, we have regular Gospel presentations in all areas of ministry as well as scheduled weekly times of soul winning. Most importantly, people will be challenged and encouraged to live a lifestyle of evangelism by witnessing to those around them on a daily basis. We also have a missions program. We must do all that we can to reach a lost and dying world that desperately needs salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.